34 AA Bras

We’re all shaped differently – even in the small size range.  A great fitting 34AA bra on one woman may be a not-so-great fitting 34AA bra on another.  It’s important to be fitted properly and to know your size, but that is only part of it.  (We have some guidelines for finding your bra size on our sizing chart page.  We’ve tested several different methods and some don’t seem to work in the smaller size ranges.  We offer the one that works best for this size range and for determining your size in Lailides bras.)  Because all bras are not created equally, it’s important to find a brand that fits you well also. 

There are variations in bras sizes based on the manufacturer’s size interpretation.  Some brands have cups that are placed close together, some farther apart.  Some brands run true to size while some don’t.  Some brands have narrower underwires than others.  So, you have to do your research.  Because we use only stretch fabrics, our bra fit is more forgiving than most brands.  And we’ve worked hard to create bras that fit a wide range of women.  Our 34 AA bra cups are not too close together and not too far apart.  They are not too high but not so short that you don’t feel covered.  

Hopefully if you’re looking for 34AA bras, you will find the perfect fit here.   But if you don’t, we would really appreciate your telling us about it.  If you find the band size too tight or too loose, let us know!  If you feel that you’re even smaller than our AA cup – please tell us!  We really want to create the perfect bra for every smaller sized woman.