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Past Collections | Lailides

Petite Bras

Because we are in the business, women often ask us which bra we think is the perfect small size bra.  And we have to say, we don’t really think there is one answer.  It all comes down to personal taste.  Every woman has her own idea about what makes the perfect petite bra.  Some want padding, some definitely don’t.  Some want full coverage, some want pretty sheer lace.  Some women love push-up bras, some love bralettes.  Some women want underwires, some want soft-cups, etc.  We could go on and on.  .

And, of course, it depends on the occasion for wearing the bra:  A night out on the town or a day at the office?  A first date or a trip to the grocery store?  What we can say about what makes the perfect petite bra is that it should fit well; give a natural, attractive shape; and it should be comfortable.  We also believe that whatever the occasion is, the bra should be beautiful and more than ordinary.   

Small Size Bra

If you think about it, this is a really tall order even in average sizes.  But, when looking for these traits in a small size bra it can be nearly impossible!  Here at Lailides we don’t believe it should be so hard.  It is our goal to cover the spectrum of what smaller women look for in a small size bra.  We started with perfectly fit, totally comfortable, beautifully shaped wireless bras.  Our next addition to the Lailides collection will be exquisitely embroidered, elegant underwire bras (also perfectly fit, totally comfortable and beautifully shaped!)  Following that will be t-shirt bras and some lightly padded bras.  We are on a mission to make the difficulty of shopping for small size bras a thing of the past! 

(Oh, and just for clarification, when we say “petite bra” we mean bras in the smaller cup size range – and not bras specifically for women who are less that 5’4” tall and have tiny frames.  Lailides creates bras for all women who are small busted – whether their bodies are tiny or average or a bit bigger.  Small busted women come in all shapes and sizes!)