A Cup Bras

Having small breasts and wearing a cup bras (or aa cup or b cup) is cause to rejoice.  It’s amazing how many women don’t believe this.  There are websites out there where you can read about tons of small-chested women’s woes over their breast size.  Much of women’s disappointment in having small breasts comes from their belief in what men like and from Hollywood’s fascination with big breasts.  But, if you ask most large breasted women if they are pleased about their breast size they will all tell you they wish they were smaller.  . 

Women who wear a cup bras will never have back pain because of their breasts; they look fabulous in tank tops, camis and strapless clothing and they don’t have stretch marks on their chest.   Women who wear a cup bras do not experience pain from running or dancing, they can sleep on their stomachs, and best of all, sagging is minimal compared to larger women.  And, there are tons of men out there who love small breasts.  You may not believe it but it’s true.  Read a few blogs or websites about this topic and you will find so many lovely and encouraging entries from men.  And, unlike large breasted women who can’t ever go small without risky, painful reduction surgery,  small-chested women can simply wear a padded bra if they really want to look bigger!  

Here at Lailides, we adore the small-chested form – and you should too!  We have created a beautiful line of lingerie which celebrates this size range.  We don’t attempt to camouflage beautiful small breasts with padding and push-ups.  Our bras compliment the natural form.  We wish all women out there who wear a cup bras could appreciate their size the way we do.