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Small Breast Bras | Lailides

Small Breast Bras

Welcome to Lailides! We’re thrilled that you’ve found us. For many women the search for small breast bras is such a difficult and frustrating one. So many lingerie companies out there ignore this category. We know there are fewer women out there with small breasts and therefore lingerie manufacturers don’t make bras for small breasts and lingerie boutiques and department stores don’t sell small bras. But there are still plenty of us out there and we want lingerie - and not just ugly-old plain-jane “afterthought” lingerie. But bras made specifically to fit our size and lingerie that looks good and feels comfortable. Many lingerie manufacturers just gloss over this category selling small breast bras that are scaled down versions of their larger sizes. They don't take into consideration the different proportion necessary for a properly fit aa or a cup bra. Their bras end up with an uncomfortable and unflattering fit.

Small- chested women come in all shapes and sizes. Some small-chested women are petite – shorter women with smaller frames. But there are also larger women with small breasts and tall women with small breasts and athletes who may have wider chests with more musculature and less fat – therefore smaller breasts.

Bras for Small Breasts

Lailides was the first lingerie company to focus exclusively on designing bras for small breasts and the thongs, briefs, camisoles and chemises that accompany them. Since we began, a few other companies have jumped in on the small breast bras bandwagon – and we’re thrilled they did. Of course, this means competition but it also means more choices.

We’ve come across all types of small-chested women – those who want a little padding, those who want to really boost their bust line, those who are happy with their size and don’t want to wear an uncomfortable contraption to fake it. Lailides doesn’t try to fake it. We design bras for small breasts that are comfortable, flattering, and elegant – and not padded to the hilt. We do aim to be the go-to brand for the small-chested category so keep an eye out for lightly padded (and we mean it when we say lightly) versions in the future but for now, enjoy our beautifully fit, beautifully shaped bras for small breasts.